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The structure of TISL's Judicial Department -- the Tennessee Intercollegiate Supreme Court -- is based on the structure of the state Supreme Court.

Five justices are appointed by the Governor of TISL from a list put forth by the Supreme Court Nominating Commission. Like the Tennessee Supreme Court, the justices elect the Chief Justice from among their own number.

Inaugural Supreme Court 2008-09Justices serve one-year terms and are eligible for re-appointment to a maximum of three terms. At least one justice must be from each Grand Division of Tennessee, and every justice must be from a different college. Students in law school are excluded.

Mirroring a unique provision of the Tennessee Constitution, the Supreme Court elects the TISL Attorney General but doesn't have power of oversight or removal.


The Tennessee Intercollegiate State Legislature (TISL) created the new Tennessee Intercollegiate Supreme Court (TISC) in 2007 by amendment to its Constitution.

The concept of a Supreme Court was introduced in the TISL Constitution of 1977, which provided for the General Assembly to create a Supreme Court through the legislative process.

Within a few years, that was replaced by a more specific plan. The first Supreme Court was appointed in the early 1980s and focused on internal matters.

The 1991 Constitution revised the judicial article heavily and introduced the concept of a moot court.

With the court moribund after the revival of TISL, the Executive Council in 2007 began an effort to revise the program again. The goals were to more closely model the structure of the Tennessee Supreme Court and to design a moot court program in consultation with the Supreme Court, the Tennessee Bar Association and other partners.

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