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Magistrates Enjoy Unique Judicial Experience

The Tennessee Intercollegiate Supreme Court relies on Magistrates to make AMC3 successful, and many Magistrate slots are open year.

Magistrates are a second-tier of judges who sit on the bench and question lawyers in AMC3. They also might be appointed as Special Judges of the Supreme Court in certain circumstances.

Magistrates primarily serve on Thursday and Friday of the General Assembly. After that, they are free to join TISL Media or a lobbying firm or serve as alternate legislators in the Senate or House.

What You'll Do

The primary duty of magistrates is to serve on a three-judge panel during the preliminary rounds of AMC3, TISL's moot court competition.

Appellate courts everywhere -- state, federal and in other countries -- usually have multiple judges at each hearing.

In AMC3, the typical panel in the preliminary rounds is three members. A justice of the Tennessee Intercollegiate Supreme Court is the presiding judge, and Magistrates are the other two judges.

The Magistrates have studied the case and are prepared to ask questions of the lawyers who are arguing before the court.



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Magistrates are selected in the fall to serve at the General Assembly in November.

After they're selected, they'll participate in weekly conference calls until they come to Nashville.

At the General Assembly, you'll primarily be on duty during the preliminary rounds of AMC3 on Thursday and Friday. On Saturday and Sunday, you can serve in TISL Media, as a lobbyist or as a legislator with your delegation.

How To Apply

It's easy to apply to be a Magistrate.

Download this simple application form and email it to filings@TISCourt.org.

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