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The Attorney General is Elected by TISC

The TISL Constitution mirrors the Tennessee Constitution in providing that the Attorney General is elected by the Supreme Court.

In each case, the Court has no oversight once the AG is elected, giving the Attorney General autonomy as the chief legal officer.

For the position of TISL Attorney General, the Court prefers applicants who have participated in AMC3 and who have taken at least one undergraduate law class.

How to Apply 2018

Effective in 2013, the process to apply for Attorney General will be the same as applying for the Supreme Court, although the deadline is later.

This permits unsuccessful applicants for the Court to redirect their cover letter, essay and letter of recommendation to an AG application with no effort. The Court will accept a Supreme Court application as an AG application with no changes.

In the alternative, you may download and complete this application: Click Here

Deadline Applications for Attorney General must be submitted to the Clerk & Marshal by 9 a.m., Friday at the TISL General Assembly. The incoming Court will have been appointed by that time.

How to Submit You may submit your application in any of these three ways:

By toll-free fax 866.372.8585 or

By email filings@TISCourt.org or

By hand-delivery at the General Assembly The Clerk & Marshall will have a desk on the second floor of the Capitol near the Senate Chamber.

Interviews The Court will conduct interviews on Friday evening during the General Assembly. The Court may limit interviews to a select group of finalists.

Announcement The Court will announce its selection at the General Assembly

Inauguration The Attorney General will be sworn in at the Closing Session of the General Assembly on Sunday.

Application The application has two parts -- a one-page application form and a short essay on a legal topic.

Download Application Form This will download the Supreme Court application, which is the same. Just mentally substitute "Attorney General" for "Supreme Court" throughout.

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